Christmas dinner disaster

One Christmas, about 30 years ago when my 1st husband, who was Dutch, was alive, we were all at his parents for Christmas dinner. His dad, Opa, was always forseeing problems & accidents & tutted when his youngest son, Jan, started opening a bottle of bubbly to go with the fantastic meal that had just been served up. “Be careful with that cork son, an accident may happen” he said. The cork shot out of the bottle, hit the ceiling, & caroomed back smack into Opa’s laden plate, which promptly split in half & dumped the hot plate of chicken, veg, gravy etc onto Opa’s lap. We could not stop laughing enough to help him, Oma (his wife) had to leave the room as she had a knicker accident from the hysterical laughter!! He never forgave Jan, convinced he had done it on purpose!! p.s. only Opa’s dignity was hurt!

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