A year after we met online, Rob and I married in 2002, . We were both living in the South West of England then. We moved up here to Northumberland a few years ago. This is Rob’s birth county. We have 2 adult offspring each, Rob has two grandchildren. We are both part of the Northumbria Community, exploring our Christian faith in new ways, including  looking back to see what was the best of the first Celtic Christians in Britain. We enjoy life to the full, Rob’s blindness does not stop us travelling, walking, having friends to stay and enjoying various hobbies.

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  1. Gunter Endres says:

    Dear Catherine/Rob

    I am researching into medieval monasteries with the eventual aim of self-publishing an illustrated book on the 500 or so monastic housese where something has survived. It is a labour of love and, while I travel the country from my base in West Sussex, visiting every site is proving very hard. I would be most grateful if you would allow me to use your photograph of Holystone St Mary. If so, please advise how I should cedit it.

    Thanking you for your consideration

    With kind regards


  2. Sheila Howarth says:

    First time i have looked at your website, and i think it is absolutely brilliant. well done catherine. xxxxxxxxx

  3. Kate says:

    Thanks Sheila, there is loads on there, the flying to America has my photos from Greenland from 33000ft! (Following Brendan I think I called it), also my WRNS story etc.

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