The Genie In A Bottle

One day a man was stolling down a sunny beach and he spied a funny looking bottle lying in the sand.
Curious, he picked up the bottle and rubbed it with his sleeve to clean it off…and POOF! out came a genie!
“I am the genie of the bottle, your wish is my command. You get one wish, what would you like…?”

“Only one wish?” said the man, “I thought genies always gave three wishes?”

“Shut up, you get one wish, now what do you want!”

The man thought for a few moments…”I know”, he said,

“I have a business conference coming up in America next month and I am scared to death of flying,

and I don’t have time to take a ship… so, I want a bridge from the England to the USA.”

“What?!” are you nuts?!” said the genie, “Do you know how far that is… and how many pylons… that ocean is almost four miles deep in some places…!”
“Oh great!” said the man, “I finally find a genie and he can’t even grant my wish!”
“Hold it, hold it, just hold on! I didn’t say I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, it’s just so incredibly difficult.
Just out of curiosity, of course…
you wouldn’t happen to have a different request you might like instead… you know… money… fame…?
The man thought for a few more moments…”Oh! I know” the man said.
“Yes?” replied the genie,
“I want to be able to understand women… how they think and why they feel they way they do.
The genie responds, “Will that be two lanes or four lanes you want on that bridge!?”
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