Flaws that make us unique and precious

A friend of ours is blind, as my husband is also. I have just found this email I sent to her a while ago and found it worth posting here:

“Carol, I have just read this as for some reason Yahoo has sent you to my Trash Bin! I have told it firmly that you are “Not Spam”. It made me think that society sometimes gives the impression that if we are vulnerable in one or two areas of our lives that means we are no use at all and should be “dumped” in the Trash Bin, figuratively speaking.
But to God our little or large “flaws” are opportunities to show His overwhelming power and love in and through our lives.

Insects in Amber

I love TV shows about antiques and one last week showed an old amber necklace a lady had inherited. The expert was examining each large ‘bead’ under a microscope, and showing us the enlarged picture as well. he was exclaiming over the beauty and purity of this rich orange/yellow treasure until he exclaimed ‘This is what I hoped to see, this one has a tiny fly trapped in it; many, many years ago this fly landed on some resin oozing from a tree and it has hardened into amber with the fly perfectly preserved in the middle. That one bead is worth more than all the rest – because of the flaw!”

I doubt if there is a person in the world who does not have some ‘flaw’ in them, the larger that problem is , the more they need to rely on God. As you know, I have had 3 new tiny patches of skin cancer frozen off. That is one of my minor ‘flaws’. It makes me realise afresh how much I, and all of us, need God!
Remember, we are” treasures in jars of clay”, flies in amber!

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