Text message from ???

When Rob and I met online, then in person, we gradually fell in love and became engaged. We may have been getting on in years, but love is still the same and we were determined not to give in to temptation and live together before we were married.

So, we prayed and asked God to keep us safe while we were courting.

We lived 25 miles apart so I had quite a drive each time I went to see Rob.

A few months later I was visiting Rob in his home, we had been watching something on television when I looked at my watch and said “I really should drive home now, it is getting late”. He started kissing me ‘goodnight’ and we were really  enjoying a good cuddle when suddenly  we were startled by my mobile phone going ‘beep beep’, signifying an incoming text message.

I read it out to Rob as it was from a friend of his, a young man with learning difficulties. It simply said “Jesus is watching you”. We fell off that sofa, not knowing whether to laugh or be afraid as the cuddling was certainly getting fierier by the minute!!

The next day Rob rang to say he had asked his friend why he had sent the text. His friend seemed puzzled and confused, he replied “I don’t know, it just suddenly popped into my head to send my friend Rob’s lady friend a nice message, was she cross?” Rob assured him we were not annoyed with him at all.

Memo to self: Expect answers to prayers in ways we cannot begin to guess!

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