A short history of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

St Aidan, 1st Bishop of Lindisfarne. All Saints Church. Rothbury

The island is half an hour’s drive from our home in Northumberland. Accessible twice a day either by the causeway or walking the ‘Pilgrim Path’ , pictured above,  across the sands when the tide is out.

The tidal Causeway to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland

The  history of Holy Island is long, an introduction to it, by an island inhabitant, Reverend Canon Kate Tristram, is worth reading. Among others, it talks of the founder of the first Celtic monastery by St Aidan, his statue is shown here, on Holy Island, carrying the torch of the Gospel to England.

Rug copied from Lindisfarne Gospels (c 698 AD) in St Marys Church, Lindisfarne

St Marys Church, Lindisfarne

The 12c Priory ruins and village on Lindisfarne

Sunset over Cuthberts Isle, between Lindisfarne & the Northumberland mainland

Holy Island Causeway

St Aidan's statue on Holy Island where he became its first bishop in 635 AD

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