Celtic Crosses and symbols

Tim Severin made a replica of St Brendan's 6th century boat to sail to America

Cross at Priory Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

St Brendan in the boat, sailing to America

I have taken many photos of Celtic Crosses and have various other forms that symbolise the celtic stream of Christianity to me. Rob and I are Companions of the Northumbria Community, a new monastic dispersed group, following Christ with a Celtic slant. Our motherhouse, Nether Springs is located not far from where Rob and I live, in Northumberland, which is part of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria. This is where Christianity gradually flourished in the North East of England from around the middle of the 7th century onwards.

The Celtic Cross is typified by the circle joining the 4 arms, this circle is a symbol of eternity that emphasises the endlessness of God’s love as shown through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

That seemed to me to be reason enough to post this collection of images as we have celebrated Easter, when we remember that sacrifice, Christ’s death and glorious bodily resurrection – the greatest feastday in the Christian calendar is Easter Sunday,when our gratitude to God that He has made it possible for us, too, to live after death, is celebrated.

The Lady's Well, Holystone, Northumberland

I shall let the crosses and symbols speak for themselves.

St Patrick's RC Church. Portland, Oregon.



This is a 'Cuthbert's Cross' on the Pilgrim Path named after him, also bishop of Lindisfarne, Northumberland.



St Aidan. 1st Bishop of Holy Island (in 635) where this statue stands.

The church of St Mary the Virgin, Holystone, Northumberland

Santa Maria Stamp - Columbas's ship, he was convinced that Brendan found land to the west.

Rothbury war memorial, Northumberland


The “Broken Wheel” sculpture by Fenwick Lawson has St Cuthbert’s face in the centre of the Cross. (Lindisfarne)

















Replica Ikon








Quilted Celtic cross (own design)

Window detail, St Patricks church, Portland, Oregon









Memorial cross for the Flodden Field battle site of 1513. Northumberland

Plaque on the memorial cross for the Flodden Field battle site, Northumberland








Our aids to our daily prayers (including our Prayer Pot)


They get everywhere these Celtic Christians! (On the window of a narrowboat)









Church spire in the Kenton district of Portland Oregon

Rug copied from Lindisfarne Gospels (c 698 AD) in St Marys Church, Lindisfarne










Replica of 'Santa Maria', Columbas's ship

Old Bewick cross detail (Northumberland) With the Celtic symbol for the Trinity on each of its arms.










Trinity art prayer

In lane to Old Bewick church, Northumberland








Looking back at Holy Island from St Cuthberts Island, just off the Northumberland coast

Peaceful view on Lindisfarne










Norham, Northumberland

Rob with his celtic bodhran drum







Irish peat cross



Irish Brigit cross




Irish peat cross label




Explanation of Brigit cross




My own stitched Celtic knot artwork



Northumbria Community renew our vows in the Gospel Garden. Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Easter Day '09







The Lady's Well, Holystone, Northumberland (2)




Our new (Irish) Celtic rug







Even DFDS Seaways use the cross as a logo!


Holy Island Priory cross used in one of my Christmas cards







Haltwhistle, Northumberland


Celtic Prayer beads from the Northumbria Community made by Rob

Grave in Rothbury 'All Saints' churchyard, Northumberland (1)

Evesham, Worcestershire

Even our wedding rings & Rob's fleece top carry 'celtic' designs, this is a 'Cuthbert's' Cross

Crosses in 'Old Church' churchyard, Brampton, Cumbria

Cross on 'Old Church' Brampton, Cumbria




Church Hill. on the estuary of the River Aln at Alnmouth, Northumberland

Cross in St. John Lee churchyard, near Heavenfield.

Chapel of the Incarnation, Hetton Hall

Celtic Cross mug

Celtic Cross in Rothbury 'All Saints' churchyard, Northumberland

Celtic Cross in Corbridge, Cemetery, Northumberland

Emboidered cross on part of wedding gift

candle holder

Bridge over the River Aln, below Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Book of many crosses for design work


'Celtic Cross' cushions designed and made by me.

Arnhem Oosterbeek war graves (2)












Arnhem Oosterbeek war graves (3)

Alnwick Pub sign

Alnwick. Northumberland, head of the stone cross in the market place

3 crosses on the headland above Lee Abbey, North Devon.



Arnhem Oosterbeek war grave

In 'Boilerhouse' prayer-room on H.I. made from broken fragments from the old midden (rubbish tip

Crosses in the cemetary of the 12c Priory on Holy Island.

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